Ribbon Cuttings

As a thank you for doing business in the City of Woodstock, our team would love to host a ribbon cutting for you! Some answers and thoughts about Ribbon Cuttings are listed below:

Am I eligible for an IN WDSTK Ribbon Cutting?

Only businesses that have a physical commercial location within the city limits are eligible for this event. You must have received your occupational tax (business) license from the City of Woodstock. If you are not in the city limits, the Cherokee Chamber of Commerce can host a ribbon cutting for you.

We cannot offer Ribbon Cuttings for home based businesses. If you are a home based business, we hope you will engage with us through investment and business development/networking events we host by searching the event calendar.

When should I plan my ribbon cutting?

Ribbon cuttings can be planned for anytime during regular business hours. We have found and would suggest that you shoot for Tuesdays or Thursdays at 10AM or 4PM to get the greatest number of city officials in attendance. If you have a special case, please reach out to see if we can accommodate your needs.

You should plan to have the ribbon cutting scheduled as minimum of 2 weeks in advance.

Who do I invite?

IN WDSTK will invite its Board of Directors and team, Mayor and City Council Members, the Downtown Development Authority Board and key city employees. We cannot guarantee a minimum attendance so you should invite any of your stakeholders, friends, customers and pets that you would like to be there.


Should I provide anything?

As part of the program, you have the opportunity to tell the group about your business. You can provide promotional items or literature. Some businesses provide refreshments but it is not required.

Are those scissors real?

Yes, those things are real. We will bring the ribbon and the giant scissors.

What happens after the ribbon is cut?

Our team will line you up and take pictures of the program. We distribute these pictures through our social media channels and provide them to local publications.

Are you ready to go? Please contact Sylvia at 770-592-6056 or via EMAIL to schedule your ribbon cutting!