About Us

The IN WDSTK organization is professionally staffed by employees of the Woodstock Office of Economic Development and governed by an INvestor elected Board of Directors.


Kyle Bennett
Tourism Manager

IN WDSTK since 2006.

I’m / I’d / I’ll…
a YouTuber who makes videos about books & movies / like to visit Australia some day/ always be passionate about history

I cheer for…
Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta United

I read…
books all the time (I have over 550 in my collection)

I eat…
seafood, steak, bbq, and veggies from the farm

I drink…
sweet tea and Coca-Cola products

I prefer…
Star Wars over any other movie franchise

I would bring…
my cell phone and the brochures

Stacy Brown
Marketing Manager

IN WDSTK since 2009.

I’m / I’d / I’ll…
a former classical percussionist / like to study natural medicine / always support the arts

I cheer for…
my boys

I eat…
vegan, sugar free and gluten free

I drink…
all the things

I prefer…
The Rolling Stones over The Beatles

I would bring…
my own camp stove, coffee grinder and moka pot to Cub Scout camp…true story

Mitzi Saxon
Program Manager

IN WDSTK since 2011.

I’m / I’d / I’ll…
a music lover/like to live on a beach/always change my hair color

I cheer for…
University of Georgia

I eat…
pop tarts & sprinkles

I drink…
Diet Pepsi and all adult beverages

I prefer…
love over hate

I would bring…
way too many clothes on any trip or outing

Brian Stockton
Economic Development Director

IN WDSTK since 2006.

I’m / I’d / I’ll…
a wanna-be designer who can execute a great public space / like to overcome my fear of flying / always try to find the good in people

I cheer for…
Kennesaw State, ATL UTD and all other Atlanta sports teams (except not for UGA…but they are not Atlanta anyway)

I eat…
chicken wings, steak tartare and boiled peanuts

I drink…
water and Reformation (which is 98% water)

I prefer…
mountain air and views over waves and sand

I would bring…
Cadence (the dog, not the beer)

Blake O’Hara
Tourism Info Coordinator
Ian McLeod
Tourism Info Coordinator

Board of Directors

Christopher Brazelton
CREATE IN WDSTK Committee Chair
Elm Street Cultural Arts Village
Mallory Britt
Mountain Lakes Insurance
Nereida Claudio
WDSTK IN SEASON Committee Chair
Bonny Keheley
IN BUSINESS Committee Chair
Woodstock Elementary
Melissa Madigan
IN WDSTK Board Chair
BB&T Bank
Kris McKeeth
INVOLVED Committee Chair
The Premier Group
Janet Ponichtera
Family Life Publications
David Potts
Founders Insurance Group
Woodstock City Council
Dan Thrailkill
Young Professionals of Woodstock
Front Porch Advisers

Board Liaisons

Jim Bulger, WorkThrive – Mastermind

Beth Choppa, The Premier Group – Shop with a Hero

Patty Ponder, AroundAbout Local Media – Main Event

Pat Tanner, Community Partner – Design/Beautification

IN WDSTK Meeting Agendas and Minutes

September 12, 2018 Board Meeting
July 11, 2018 Board Meeting
May 9, 2018 Board Meeting
March 14, 2018 Board Meeting
February 14, 2018 Called Board Meeting
January 10, 2018 Board Meeting