April 18, 2019

JEKYLL ISLAND, GA – The Woodstock Visitors Center and its staff were recognized by the State of Georgia Tourism Division at the annual Regional Visitors Center Information Center (RVIC) conference. Kyle Bennett, Tourism Manager and Stacy Brown, Marketing Manager accepted the Jeffery Tatum Visionary Award for the mobile visitors center program. This award recognizes forward-thinking tourism leaders and/or destinations that have followed their vision for tourism within their community. This award has been created to identify tourism leaders and/or destinations with a vision and commitment to making our state a remarkable tourism destination.

Following receipt of that award, Woodstock was recognized as the RVIC of the year out of the 64 centers in the state. In the nomination for that award, Mayor Donnie Henriques stated, “Kyle and Stacy put a tireless amount of effort into programs and events that aim to make Woodstock Georgia’s best downtown destination. You can see the leadership they exhibit here locally on a daily basis, but the regional recognition they receive by their peers when they are on the road is even more impressive.”

Georgia’s Regional Visitor Information Center program is operated by the Tourism Division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development with the  mission to create synergy, partnerships, increase communication and provide professional development between Georgia’s Visitor Information Centers (VIC) and the Regional Visitor Information Centers that operate in Georgia.