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I have a small private studio where I provide in-depth personal Pilates training, as well as powerful AcuTonics Sound Healing sessions (needleLESS AcuPuncture in essence). I'm a master at assisting clients in gaining strength, reducing pain, and securing proper functional movement for everyday living with ease. Sound Healing further assists this by providing treatments that increase energy, reduce pain, balance the body energetically, and activate the parasympathetic system's natural rest, recovery, and full-body rejuvenation capabilities. I specialize in assisting those with various pain modalities, whether acute or chronic - as well as the aging population to increase balance and proprioception for fall prevention.

Whether young or old, in current shape seeking personalized guidance or totally out of sorts & looking to align with a healthier lifestyle in a gentle, low impact way with a trusted guide - I can help! I offer sessions as Pilates only, Sound Healing only, or combinations of both! If interested, reach out for a free intro to either, or both, modalities.


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Jai Lee Galanti

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119 Mirramont Lake Dr, Woodstock, GA 30189